Our Story

Locally owned and operated since 1966, Biscuitville serves authentic, Fresh Southern® food made fresh from locally sourced ingredients.

It started with a family biscuit recipe. 

Biscuitville Fresh Southern® is a family-owned and privately-held chain of quick-casual restaurants known for authentic Southern food made fresh daily from locally sourced ingredients. We currently have 55 locations in North Carolina and Virginia. Originally based in Graham, North Carolina, the corporate headquarters moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, in 2007.


Biscuitville began as a side project in 1966 when Maurice Jennings, a former flour broker, opened two bread stores called Mountainbrook Fresh Bread & Milk, in Burlington, North Carolina, and began selling fresh, take-out pizzas from the stores. By 1972, Jennings had six Pizzaville locations operating in the North Carolina Triad and southern Virginia. Biscuits became a part of this operation when he began selling fresh-cooked breakfast items to bring in additional income in the mornings. The biscuits were so popular that Jennings opened the first biscuit-only store in Danville, Virginia, in 1975. Eventually, all of the Pizzaville locations were converted to Biscuitville stores. By 1982, 25 Biscuitville restaurants were open, serving made-on-site, fresh-baked biscuits from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every day of the week. In 1996, Burney Jennings, Maurice’s son, took on leadership of the family business. 

Burney Jennings describes the origin of the Biscuitville biscuit recipe: “On my great grandmother’s deathbed, she gave my dad the choice of the family farm or the family biscuit recipe. He chose the biscuit recipe.” Today our biscuits are still made with just three simple ingredients: flour, buttermilk, and shortening. Unlike competitors, we don't coat our biscuits with butter, margarine, or salt prior to baking. The biscuit-maker in each of our restaurants mixes, kneads, rolls, cuts, and bakes the biscuits in full view of our guests via our biscuit window. There's no doubt that we're best-known for our Biscuitville biscuits made fresh every 15 minutes™, using just three simple ingredients and a family recipe. But we also serve classic Southern breakfast staples like country ham, bacon, sausage, chicken, eggs, pancakes, and grits, along with sweet-and-savory waffle sandwiches and healthy options like our English muffin sandwiches. We griddle-cook our bacon, crack our fried eggs by hand, batter-pour our pancakes, and slow-cook our grits. In fact, you won't find a single microwave in any of our restaurants.

At Biscuitville, we know that Local has a Flavor® all its own. That's why we go to great lengths to source our ingredients from local and family-owned businesses whenever possible. This commitment has resulted in lasting relationships with many of our partners, like the small, family-owned mill in Henderson, North Carolina, that's been providing our flour for over 50 years. Our eggs come from farms in western North Carolina and southwestern Virginia; our country ham is cured right here in our backyard, in Wilkesboro, North Carolina; and our naturally-raised chicken comes from a family business based in Mt. Airy, Georgia, made up of over 300 family farms in South Carolina and northern Georgia. Local means fresh. It's authentic. And it makes for food with integrity.


Biscuitville celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, having begun a new era of growth and exciting changes for the company. In 2013, we opened our first-ever college campus location at Elon University. Serving lunch and dinner options as well as breakfast, it's currently our only location that's open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. In February 2014, the company unveiled new branding that included an updated logo, signage, packaging, and renovation plans for all our stores. Four new restaurants are scheduled to open in the Fayetteville area, a new market for us, in 2019. In the coming years, we expect to open more of our traditional restaurants, and are looking at opportunities at universities and airports.